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Sep 30, 2020

Talking about Limitation

Part of a new project

I recently had a pleasure of having a chat to Daniel Sigg for the third episode of his new podcast "Create. Photography." I guest-wrote for Daniel's blog at DanielSiggPhotography through the article on Agfa Optima 100 film, and he later invited me to have a chat on the topic of limitation, which I gladly accepted. Daniel is based over in the US, and we both share common ground when it comes to many viewpoints on photography. He also has a passion for film photography, and discussing elements of the art which go beyond gear and technical matters. 

I see this new podcast as an exciting venture, as the world becomes hungrier for streamlined content that fits into our increasingly multi-tasked lifestyles. I personally enjoy quite a few photography-based, and other podcasts, which I often listen to while performing errands or other tasks. 

Create. Photography. Podcast launches today, and I highly recommend adding it to your list if you're looking for something new. 

A familiar topic

It was great to have a chat to Daniel and share our thoughts regrading limitation in photography. We discussed the somewhat paradoxical idea of limiting ourselves in order to reach new grounds and improve our ability as creatives.

I had previously published a video on the Youtube channel entitled "Liberation through Limitation", where I openly discussed my thoughts on the same idea. Feel free to check it out below if the topic interests you.

The links below will take you in the right direction if you're keen to check it out!

I hope you enjoy some of our chat if you give it a listen, and I look forward to seeing what future episodes Daniel brings to his new podcast!

Create. Photography. podcast

On Apple Podcasts

Daniel's Blog

My Youtube video on Limitation: