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Sep 21, 2020

By the Waterside

HP5 at 1600
Collecting shells in the sand is exactly what I spent many Sundays doing as a kid, out on family trips to the beach while my Dad was fishing for dinner.

Some time back, I was regularly bringing a camera along as I explored the marine areas which were not far from my new suburb. I had just moved from an inner city apartment, to a unit in an area that was two suburbs away from the Port Phillip Bay coast. It was great to reconnect with my childhood memories (in QLD and WA) of spending much time going fishing, and generally spending time by the waterside. I find it immensely therapeutic just being by water bodies; hearing the sounds, and seeing the sights and activities that take place.

After taking casual photos across a few rolls of film, I started to notice the common theme. I had done some traveling across the country, and also overseas by around this time, and was again naturally attracted to photographing waterside places and people. 

I've put together a gallery of some these images to share with you in this online format. I don't have much intention for this "series", but will continue to have a love for these types scenes, and documenting them. What does the waterside theme elicit for you? Do you have a sentimental association with some particular type of setting? 

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy some of the images!